Innocent crunchies (sugar-free) [16 crunchies; ±800g]

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If you’re trying to cut the sugar, these tasty treats are just for you. A naturally sweet base of dates and honey ensures they’re still delicious, and being jam-packed with nuts, seeds and oats means they’re high in protein and fibre and will keep you going for ages. Keep a stash of these hearty snacks in your pantry, pack them into lunch boxes or enjoy with some coffee for elevenses.


Batch size: ± 800 g

2 reviews for Innocent crunchies (sugar-free) [16 crunchies; ±800g]

  1. Dalene

    An apt name for these treats ………….. one innocently chomps away at these crunchies with the knowledge that you won’t be bouncing off the walls from a refined sugar overdose ! They are simply delectable !!

  2. Niel Rossouw

    The best by far !! Everyone of my friends that has eaten it says – Wow, where do you got this from…?

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