Wipe-your-face brownies [±1.4kg]

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Are they everything a brownie should be? Yes

Ridiculously rich? Yes

Fudgey, gooey and squichy? Yes

Overly chocolatey? Heck yes

Batch size: 24 brownies; ± 1.4 kg

3 reviews for Wipe-your-face brownies [±1.4kg]

  1. Dalene Kee

    Are they decadent ? Yes !
    Are they blissfully chocolatey & gooey & so so yummy ? Yes yes! !
    Should you order immediately ? Heck yes !!!!!

  2. Cyd (verified owner)

    These are without a doubt the most amazing brownies we have ever had. Seriously – like heaven.

  3. Susan de Wet

    Place your order NOW!!! Do not waste any time on missing out on the best brownies in the whole wide world. Definitely our family’s favorite.

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